Hannah Williams :)

ideas. design. open data. social change.

About me

I've been working in the design, advertising and communications industry since 2001 in both print and web mediums. I try and involve myself as much as I can with work that can make a social difference.

With a post graduate degree in Information Design (University of Pretoria) my strenghs lie in the creative thinking and strategy around design, branding and communications in general. Got a brief that's been rejected one time too many and need a fresh approach? Need to find new ways to tackle a problem? Just want a hand from someone with experience in planning and running your marketing and branding cost effectively? Get in touch.

I enjoy breaking down complicated ideas into simple, understandable language and visuals, so I often help businesses, non-profit organisations or communities put together compelling professional communications in a variety of mediums as well as help develop effective communication strategies.

Things I've done

Speaker at the DG Murray Trust AMC workshop | August 2019
I gave a talk and some training on storytelling with data at the DG Murray Trust digital communication workshop that aimed to improve skills and resources for non-profit organisations and NGOs.

Speaker and mentor at Visualizar '17 | July 2017
Speaker and project mentor at the annual 2 week long data visualisation conference and workshop hosted by MediaLab Prado in Madrid, Spain.

Open Data Fellow | 2014 - 2015
I was awarded a fellowship from the School of Data, so I spent some time working with Code for South Africa advocating for open data and providing training and support to civil society and media organisations in using data to help achieve their goals. I worked with Ndifuna Ukwazi on the Cape Town Budget Project and The Black Sash on their Making all Voices Count project. I also assisted in training journalists from various national news outlets in data journalism.

Design Mentor, Live Magazine | Jan - April 2014
I mentored young designers from a variety of backgrounds, conceptualising, designing and producing the elections issue of Live Magazine. A Livity Africa project, the magazine aims to give youth work experience and assist them in preparing for and finding permanent employment.

Lume, light grafitti | April 2012 - April 2014
Live, interactive light painting performance - see more here.

Blackhat & Nimbus | Oct 2010 - June 2014
A collaboration with Mark Henning. Apart from commercial design work, projects included: a commission to create 6 artworks on MyCiti bus stations in Cape Town, South Africa; a commission to collaboratively design a public artwork in Ghent, Belgium; part of the winning Design Indaba Your Street Challenge team (the project was also awarded a BASA Award); Helping the Princess Vlei community in Grassy Park successfully oppose the construction of a mall.